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Y ears ago, Gary served as “the voice” for KOBI-TV serving 55,000 square miles of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

He also provided voice overs for the Dove Radio, reaching portions of Oregon and Northern California,

Victory In Grace Ministries used Gary as the voice for all of their Radio and Television ministries for several years.

Christian Oldies is a one hour radio program produced by Gary. The program features Christian Music from the days of Jesus Music to beginnings of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), 1965 TO 1985. This program can be heard on The Dove radio Saturdays at 11pm. AND you can enjoy the music of Christian Oldies 24/7 online. Please visit the website for details:

His home studio has allowed him to record projects for many different companies over the years. He uses software such as Adobe Audition to make high quality recordings and his services include a password protected page for each client to review and download audio files from and/or he can ship CDs.

Gary has been doing recordings since he was a teenager. He has worked in radio as a DJ for ten years. One of his greatest joys over the years has been to read story books to his children and grandchildren. His animated readings along with some character voices, kept the children listening intently.

Gary is president of Roby Audio Productions and can be reached by cell phone at 541-951-2501.